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Scan Tool Proficiency Course No: 6808

Today’s technicians have access to more scan data than ever before. This class will focus on getting the most out of your scan tool. We will show how to interpret this data. What PIDs can be used together too quickly and accurately determine drivability problems.

Volumetric efficiency, fuel trims, O2 sensor data, MAP, and MAF all tell a story. Learn to use this information to help understand what the PCM is trying to do. Bi-directional controls are available on many components, see how to cut diagnostic time by using these features.

We will look at scan tools from many manufacturers including OEM models as well as J2534 applications. Mode 6 and other useful information from the OBD II generic side of your tool can also be very useful, learn how and when to use this information. Don’t miss your opportunity to improve accuracy and speed up diagnostics in your shop. This class is a must attend for all who aspire to be better diagnosticians.

▪ Maximize you scan tool … use it like it was meant to be used!
▪ Case studies, real diagnostics to repair broken cars
▪ Manufacturer and aftermarket scan tool tips, tricks and unknowns
▪ Security, programming and communication simplified
▪ PID display choices for quick data acquisition
This class is for both novice and veteran scan tool users.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019
Begins at 6:00 PM

Held at: Upper Cape Technical Regional High School
220 Sandwich Road, Bourne, MA, 02532

Power Distribution & Power Mode Master Analysis Course No: 6904

Modern vehicles do not use the same high current, easily diagnosed, ignition switches & systems of yesteryear. Newer vehicles use button ignition switch nodes, intelligent power management, circuit board microprocessor controlled smart junction boxes & fuse centers.

These power systems use complex communication & security protocols that change the way we diagnose these seemingly simple “start & run” circuit power management systems. What do you do if you push the button and nothing happens?

Where do you go next? Is it a bad key transponder? Is it a bad switch? Learn time saving diagnostic tactics in this class that will make you the master of these complex power distribution circuits.

▪ Modern Power Management Systems
▪ Smart Key & Transponder Systems Diagnosis
▪ Push Button Power Up & Start Systems Overview
▪ Scan Tool Data Analysis, Resets & Procedures
▪ Charging System, Load Shedding & Programming

Recommended for A & B Level Technicians
Tuesday March 19, 2019
Begins at 6:00 PM

Held at: Upper Cape Technical Regional High School
220 Sandwich Road, Bourne, MA, 02532

Lab Scope Live – 21st Century Edition Course No: 6903

This is the original NAPA Autotech Hands-On Class! We have totally reinvigorated this class will all-new updated material & concepts. In this course you bring YOUR own scope and we teach you how to unlock and unleash the power within.

Do you avoid using your scope because it just seems too confusing, and the patterns you see in classes never seem to be what you actually capture? Practice is what you need, and practice is what you’ll get during this class. Let the highly experienced NAPA Autotech Training Team teach not only how to set your scope up for success; but also how to analyze the patterns you capture. It’s a skill you can learn, let us help!

This course will cover the following:

▪ Oscilloscope (Lab Scope) Basic Operation
▪ How to use Cursors, Timebase & Voltage Settings
▪ Effective use of the Trigger Functions
▪ Recording/Saving patterns
▪ Analyzing multiple pattern types
▪ Setting up multi-trace captures

Recommended for all Technician levels, everyone can learn from this class.
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Begins at 6:00 PM

Held at: Upper Cape Technical Regional High School
220 Sandwich Road, Bourne, MA, 02532

Electronic Climate Control Diagnostics Course No: 6902

NAPA Autotech Training brings to you the “Know How” you’ll need to successfully diagnose & repair all varieties of climate control systems. Manufacturers have found a multitude of ways to add automatic controls to systems for safe, undistracted driver & passenger comfort.

Do you understand what role the various computers play in operating the climate controls systems? Let NAPA Autotech show you the way. We will
explain the differences between partial & fully automated systems, as well as multi-zone climate systems. Many vehicles equipped with heated & cooled seats are aging, and suffering failures. While we are at it, you will see quick tips for diagnosing heated mirror & heated steering wheel system faults. Diagnosis & testing of the following:

▪ Electronic Control of Manual Systems
▪ Partial Automatic Controls
▪ Full Automatic Controls
▪ Multi-Zone System Controls
▪ Heated/Cooled Seats
▪ Heated Mirror Systems

Recommended for A & B Level Technicians
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Begins at 6:00 PM

Held at: Upper Cape Technical Regional High School
220 Sandwich Road, Bourne, MA, 02532

Targ & Destroying Intermittent Faults Course No: 6906

Very few techs enjoy dealing with a customer who starts by saying “sometimes my car does _________”. NAPA Autotech Training can give you the information you need to quickly formulate a plan of action for handling intermittent faults. We will show you how to take the Critical Thinking Skills learned in earlier classes and apply them to the car at hand.

Using your lab scope, or logic probe, to drill down rapidly to a problems cause is a
snap when you know what expect from a given system. For example, when a fault occurs how does the module in command handle it? What is the reaction to an open or shorted circuit. Knowing how the computer is likely to react can provide valuable clues to the failed system.

  • Fault Categorization
  • Computer Failure Modes
  • Testing Tips using Scope Record Features
  • Using Critical Thinking Skills to determine possible root cause
  • Circuit Simulation Tips & Tricks for Pinpointing Intermittent Faults

Recommended for A & B Level Technicians
Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Begins at 6:00 PM

Held at: Upper Cape Technical Regional High School
220 Sandwich Road, Bourne, MA, 02532

Fuel System Gasoline Engines Course No: 6911

In this class you will learn and revisit tools and techniques concerning vehicles plagued with lean codes, rich codes, misfires, catalytic damage,  dilution and fuel contamination concerns.

▪ Pressure and Volume Testing
▪ Alternate Transducer Pressure Testing
▪ Specific Gravity Testing
▪ Low AMP Probe Testing
▪ Injector Testing
▪ Fuel Pump Circuit Testing
▪ Fuel Relay Testing
▪ Pressure Regulator Diagnostics
▪ Fuel Leak Down Testing
▪ Fuel Trim Graphing
▪ Fuel Pump Waveform Analysis
▪ Pump Voltage Drop Testing
▪ Pressure and Volume Relationship
▪ Introducing New Tools andTechniques
▪ Calculating Fuel Requirements
▪ Injector and Carbon Cleaning
▪ Reformulated Fuels
▪ New Fuel Sensors
▪ Fix it With a Flash
▪ Brushless Pump Operation
▪ Satisfying the Fuel System Monitor

Recommended for A & B Level Technicians
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Held at: Upper Cape Technical Regional High School
220 Sandwich Road, Bourne, MA, 02532